Wednesday, July 9, 2008

And the Winner Is....

The winner of our first giveaway is Starlet. Congratulations!!! I am sorry I am just now posting. I went to bed early with a headache and woke up sick. I am just getting back to the computer. Starlett you can send your info to or pm me on the Magical Holiday Home. Merry Christmas.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

CIJ Santa Sack Giveaway #1

In honor of Christmas in July I have decided to have a few Santa Sack giveaways. Since here in the United States we will be celebrating our Independance Day this week I decided to have a patriotic Christmas giveaway first. I will be giving away a pack of 20 patriotic Christmas cards. They say Merry Christmas on the front and God Bless America on the inside. Along with the cards the winner will also recieve an American Flag ornament.

All you have to do for a chance to win is to reply to this post and tell me what your favorite colors to use to decorate at Christmas time are. I really like just the traditional red and green but this year I am planning on branching out and decorating different rooms in our new house different themes and colors. For instance we now have a formal dining and living room with a light blue carpet. At Christmas I will be decorating these two rooms with all blue, silver, and white. It will be full of snowflakes and will also be the place of honor for my very nice white porcelain nativity. So what colors do you like. Leave a comment for a chance to win by this Friday July 4. I will announce the winner on Saturday. Be sure to check back regularly throughout July for chances to win more prizes.

Merry Christmas in July

Hello everyone and Merry Christmas!!(in July) June's Rudy day came and went in the middle of VBS last week when I had extra kids staying at my house. I did think about it and that is about as far as I got. One thing I did accomplish in June was we got all the Christmas stuff (that in been in the corner since the move) put into the attic. I am not too stressed about missing Rudy Day though because I am very exciting to be celebrating Christmas in July with all those fun Christmas loving folks over at Magical Holiday Home . If you have never been over there you really should check it out. This website and its predecessor have been a tremendous help in getting me more organized for the holidays and allowed me to enjoy them so much more over the last few years. During the month of July we are celebrating Christmas in July in lots of different ways over at MHH (Magical Holiday Home.) Hop on over and join us. In that spirit I will be letting you know what all I am doing here on my blog. I intend to post at least 2-3 times a week maybe even more. Join me for a month of merry fun. Be sure to check back often and be sure to check out the other blogs on the side for lots more fun. Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

May Rudy Day

Well that time of month has rolled around again. ( And I still haven't gotten the Christmas stuff oraganized and in the attic although I have begun.) This month I plan on sitting by the campfire on Rudy Day with my family. Sooooo... It will not be a day where I can do a lot of Rudy Day activities. I decided to go ahead and get a few things done early. I gathered up all of my Elf and 24 days of Christmas items and put them in one box hidden and my closet. While gathering up items I made a list of what I have and was pleasantly surprised to discover that I have 12 days of the 24 covered for my girls including new pajamas. Three years ago I was pregnant with Sweet Stuff and had a c-section planned in early December. I wanted away to make sure December was a magical month full of Christmas for Sweet Ums who was almost 4 at the time. So I came up with the 24 Days Countdown where everyday she got to open a present, books, candy, movie, or simple crafts she could do with me sitting nearby taking care of baby. It was the consistent thing that month that started before the baby and continued after and easy enough for my parents to carry out while I was in the hospital. Last year Santa sent two of his elves to live at our house during the month of December and they brought the countdown presents with them. This is a tradition my family is growing to love every year because I shop clearance all year long and it is stuff we would buy anyways during the month for fun it really is not an added financial stress. I am sure I will be sharing more with you later.

To get back on track I am doing well collecting items. Also yesterday I added a few gifts to the closet. I got a present for Sweet Stuff not sure if birthday or Christmas and I got hooded towels for both girls for Christmas. While cleaning and sorting I took a peak in gift closet and discovered that a jacket and pair of pants I bought on two separate clearance sprees go together perfectly for a great outfit and with that so far I have both girls an outfit, a pink shirt, and a white turtleneck with a silver heart. I also have a few extra clothes for Sweet Stuff's birthday. The Gift Closet is looking good.

I have jotted down ideas for almost everyone on my list now. Even though I will be camping on Rudy Day I am planning on taking some crocheting and some plastic canvas to work on gifts. I also hope to be able to complete my Christmas in July list of ideas and make a master craft list while we are riding in the car. I hope you all have very merry Rudolph Day. I will see you soon.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

My Rudy Day

Well.... I did not exactly get what I wanted accomplished done yesterday but I got a good start. I did make my list and write at least two ideas for each name. I did not get all of my Christmas stuff organized but I did start getting it rounded up. I am hoping to get it done in the next week or two preferrably this week. On a another note today my Dear Sweet Husband bought me a freezer and it will be delivered on Monday. I am so excited and cannot wait to try out some freezer cooking and baking. I am hoping to be able to make ahead Christmas doughs and goodies this year and have them in the freezer. Now I have the space to try that. I did not accomplish all that I set out to do but I did something and that is better than previous Rudy Days this year. By the way I did where a Christmas tree t-shirt I got on clearance in Febrauary. Some of the other moms got a kick out of it when I went to pick A up from school. You can see my shirt at the top of this post. I hope you all had a Merry Rudy Day. I will be back as Christmassy things happen.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

April Rudy Day

Rudolph Day for April is this Friday. Since moving into our house in Jaunary I am still not completely organized and put away. I decided for this Rudy Day to focus on getting all of my Christmas items organized and ready to go into the attic this weekend.

I am also going to accept Ginger's challenge to organize my master gift list.

I will be back to let you all know how it went.

My Rudolph Day Blog

Hello! I am setting up this blog to help me stay focused through the year as I plan for Christmas each month of Rudy Day, ( the 25th of each month). I am new to blogging so bear with me as I explore this new world.